Vibrational State: What it is, its benefits and how to develop it

What is the vibrational state?

It is the condition that one perceives the sensation of vibration in the physical body as if it was traversed by painless electrical waves, or tingling, caused by the acceleration of the energosoma (energetical body) and, consequently, of the psychosoma (emotional body). This increase in frequency is related to the release of the energetic body.

The Vibrational State can produce the out-of-body experience (conscious projection), and many people who have the out-of-body experience spontaneously report feeling these energetic vibrations.

Everything that exists can be divided between what is energy (in different frequencies) and what is consciousness. Consciousness manifests through energies and energies carry information passed through consciousness. We live in an energetic world.


When we think, we are manifesting through thosenes (thoughts, sentiments, and energies). As we get in touch with consciential energies, we can perceive the information contained in these energies. If we think about someone, we connect energetically with that person and the same happens when someone thinks about us. That’s why sometimes we remember someone and, then, we find out that she/he was trying to get in touch with us. Furthermore, we usually have a strong idea about who’s calling us before we even get close to the phone. On the other hand, we can even be influenced by a behavior characteristic of a place or group feeling, for instance, euphoria during a show.

People who work with the public can feel a lot of energetic influences from others, feeling drained at the end of a workday, or feeling unwell after talking to a specific person.

We are energetically influenced by the information contained in the energies of people and environments, regardless of our capacity for energetic perception. The Vibrational State is a way to develop the perception of energies and begin to take advantage of everything that energy development has to offer.

Benefits and Utilities of the Vibrational State

  • Energetic deassimilation:disconnection with the energies of other consciousnesses or environments. There are many uses: the person is not influenced by other people’s thinking patterns (depression, anxiety), the doctor does not assimilate the patient’s illness etc.
  • Unblocking the chakras:the energetic health brings well-being.
  • Psychometry:to assess the energetic condition of environments. For example: due to the ease or difficulty of installing the vibrational state in a specific place, such as a company where you want to work, a house you want to rent, or a place where you want to do business.
  • Emotional balance:Keeping your energies stable helps maintain emotional balance.
  • Rationality:helps while facing important situations, such as: work meetings, job interviews, and decisive conversations with a person (conciliation in an affective relationship).
  • Energetic self-defense:when we perceive pathological energetic interactions, the vibrational state can protect us from them.
  • Deintrusion:avoid intrusion of consciousnesses from other dimensions (spirits).
  • Out-of-body experience:the vibrational state to cause the discoincidence of bodies, leading to the projection of consciousness.
  • Presential strength:having a greater presence in public, and being easily heard by others.
  • Anti-nightmare factor:it can improve the sleep of those who have nightmares, considering that the vibrational state is a form of energetic defense and nightmares can originate from extraphysical intrusion.

Parapsychic Signals

It is the identification and use of energetic signals. With the development of the vibrational state, we begin to identify and perceive information caused by the environment and other consciousnesses that affect us energetically. They can be energetic patterns perceived in some chakra, shivers, and vibrational frequencies. These signals are personal and can form a code that may signal, for example: an opportunity for assistance, presence of an extraphysical consciousness, connection with the helper (consciousnesses without the physical body with the intention of helping), the identification of an intruder (consciousness without the physical body and negatively influencing), reaction to a specific energetic pattern, identification of a specific type of situation etc.

The identification of parapsychic signal is useful to establish a connection with the helpers. It is performed through self-research, record of sensations, identification of the thosenic pattern before, during and after the signal, and the subsequent situation to the parapsychic perception.

Vibrational State as a Self-knowledge Technique

The exercise of the vibrational state allows the evaluation of consciential attributes such as will, intentionality, discipline, the condition of the chakras and the behavioral characteristics linked to each of these chakras, and even the average pattern of your thoughts.

Thought Pattern

The quality of our thoughts manifests in our energies and attracts like-minded consciousnesses. Thus, we can gauge our pattern of thoughts through the resonance between the attracted consciousness and some chakras. The application of vibrational state can activate and sensitize parapsychic perceptions. For example: by activating our energies, we can perceive the coupling with an extraphysical consciousness – a spirit – in a certain chakra, whether this connection is positive or not and, consequently, the pattern of the companies we attract.

Positive emotions and healthy thoughts vitalize our energetic body and avoid gravitating energies that block the flow of our chakras.

Vibrational State and the Projection of Consciousness (popularly known as Astral Projection)

The vibrational state can be felt before an out-of-body experience and can also be used as a technique to the consciousness to get out of the body, as it promotes the discoincidence between the psychosoma and the physical body.

The vibrational state can also be triggered to increase our lucidity outside the body.

Click here to access the Projective Technique through the Vibrational State

Technique of the Vibrational State – Closed Circulation of Energies

We can, through the will, move our energies aiming at the installation of the vibrational state.

  1. Find a comfortable position lying, sitting or standing. You can close your eyes to lessen visual stimuli. Relax the whole body and calm the thoughts.
  2. Your energy is where your attention is. Focus on the top of your head, willing your energies to accumulate there.
  3. With your will, move the energies accumulated at the top of your head through your entire body, until you reach your feet. Pay attention to sensations, but don’t worry if you feel nothing. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what bioenergies are like; practice will show you.
  4. Bring back the flow of your consciential energy using your resolute will, from your feet and hands to your head.
  5. Repeat this movement with your consciential energies, from head to feet and then from feet to head, several times. Try to feel and discriminate the flow of energy sweeping through the organs of your body. This is how the unblocking and compensation of energies begin in your energosoma, an energy body formed by the set of your chakras. Insist if you feel difficulty in a specific point.
  6. Gradually increase the speed or rhythm of the flow of consciential energy, through your resolute will. Increase, as much as possible, the intensity and volume of the flow of consciential energy, which will form increasingly larger and more powerful circuits throughout your body.
  7. With the circulation of energies continuously, the vibrational state is installed.

Don’t worry if you don’t feel the sensations arising from closed circulation. Practice and they will come with time. Remember that your energies are where your attention and concentration are. Initially, even without the perceptions of the energies, some effects of the energetic movement can be felt, for example: greater calm, lucidity, and ease of reasoning. Observe how you are before the exercise and how you feel afterward, what kind of thoughts you have, and whether there has been any change; this may be a result of energetic exercise. Some people feel it the first exercise, while others can take days, weeks, and even months. The exercise can be done several times a day. Over time, it becomes increasingly easier to exercise during everyday tasks.

Sensations perceived with the Vibrational State

The sensation is really of perceiving oneself vibrating, as if it were run by an internal electricity, painless and even pleasant. Initially it can be felt in some parts of the body, and with practice and time, the whole body. These sensations are actually perceived in the energosoma. Other sensations that can be perceived with the vibrational state:

  • Refreshing breeze;
  • Energy baths;
  • Ballooning – perceiving the body bigger than it is;
  • Pulsations, pressures or heaviness in the chakras;
  • Elongation sensation (hands and feet);
  • Yawning;
  • Tearing;
  • Feeling of losing shape;
  • Burning or itching;
  • Numbness of body parts;
  • Tingling
  • Pin, needle and shock sensations;
  • Myoclonus – muscle contractions;
  • Intracranial sounds;
  • Goose bumps or chills;
  • Temperature change: cold or heat;
  • Tachycardia;
  • Mild electricity sensation;
  • Intimate tingling; and
  • Electric vibrations.


Developing the ability to install the vibrational state represents a multidimensional self-awareness process. We come to realize that we live in an energetic universe, that we are influenced by what others think and also that our thoughts can influence others. We discovered we can access other dimensions through the out-of-body experience, a phenomenon that has its development directly linked to bioenergies and the vibrational state. This way we can know where we came from and where we are going to return – the evolutionary cycle, life after life. Perceiving and mastering our energies also brings us with several benefits, being a tool for self-knowledge and personal improvement.

Bioenergetics, which can be accessed through the vibrational state, is one of the foundations of Conscientiology, the science that studies consciousness as a whole.

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Know all about the phenomenon of the out-of-body experience, 37 astral projection techniques, bioenergies - the key to out-of-body experiences, multidimensionality, vehicles used to leave the body. 3 decades of research that generated more than a thousand pages in this book that comprehensively addresses the experience outside the body.

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