Waldo Vieira

Waldo Vieira and Conscientiology

Waldo Vieira was the proponent of Conscientiology. As an independent researcher and professor of this science, he has published several books and founded non-profit institutions dedicated to consciousness research. His treatise Projectiology is, to this day, the most complete work on the projection of consciousness, a phenomenon popularly known as astral projection, astral travel or unfolding.

Professor Waldo, as he was known, was born on April 12, 1932 in the mining town of Monte Carmelo. From an early age he displayed remarkable parapsychic abilities and was also noted for his exceptional self-education and erudition. Waldo Vieira had his first projection of lucid consciousness at the age of nine. The caring temperament was another striking characteristic of Waldo Vieira. With a determined and entrepreneurial profile, wherever he went he left a legacy of improvements and benefits for everyone around him.

Graduated in Medicine and Dentistry, he often treated some of his patients free of charge, as well as developing strong assistance work through parapsychism. He founded several spiritualist institutions and even participated in the creation of a neighborhood in the city of Uberaba. In Espiritismo, he worked from the age of 23 to 34 alongside the medium Chico Xavier. They wrote 18 books together, including Evolution in Two Worlds and Desobsession. Chico Xavier wrote some chapters from Pedro Leopoldo/MG and Waldo Vieira wrote other chapters in Uberaba/MG.

Understanding that parapsychic phenomena should be studied from a scientific perspective, Waldo Vieira left the spiritist movement, notably a religion, in 1966, at the age of 34, and dedicated himself to creating the foundations of the Science of Projectiology, the precursor of Conscientiology. It was in the same year that he left Uberaba and moved to Rio de Janeiro, later completing postgraduate studies in Plastics and Cosmetics in Japan.

Waldo Vieira and Projectiology

Projectiology is the science that studies the projection of consciousness and related phenomena, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, telekinesis, sympathetic assimilation, projective catalepsy, among others. Its development takes place through thematic research (theory + practice).

Waldo Vieira and Conscientiology

Conscientiology is the science that aims to research consciousness, that is, the ego, the self, I, you; personality as the main object of study. It gained notoriety in the publication of the treatise 700 Experiments in Conscientiology, authored by Professor Waldo. The bases of the consciential paradigm encompass the following premises:

  1. Holosome (set of bodies). The existence of more than one vehicle (body) for the manifestation of consciousness (soma, energosoma, psychosoma and mentalsoma).
  2. Bioenergies. The possibility of absorption, accumulation and externalization of energies of an extraphysical (non-physical) nature through the chakras.
  3. Multidimensionality. The possibility of consciousness manifesting itself lucidly in different dimensions.
  4. Multiexistentiality. Possibility of consciousness experiencing a series of alternating intraphysical/extraphysical lives, composing its timeline.
  5. Universalism. The confluence of knowledge aiming to expand understanding about the manifestation of consciousness.
  6. Cosmoethics. Carrying out research with charitable purposes, thinking about the best for everyone, without partisanship or sectarianism.
  7. Selfresearch. Lucid experimentation aiming to generate self-knowledge.

Throughout his life, Professor Waldo Vieira wrote 41 books, writing more than 20,000 pages on Conscientiology. His main objective in proposing the creation of these sciences was to leave a libertarian legacy, based on autonomy and multidimensional lucidity. For him, the evolution of consciousness is the main objective to be employed by people. And this contemplates the development of erudition, cosmoethics, interassistantiality, bioenergetic self-mastery, lucid parapsychism and scientific production.

The Conscientiologist is the person who can keep their multidimensional self-research up to date, carrying out intraconsciential recycling for evolutionary purposes. In this sense, Waldo Vieira was exemplary, as his life was always based on experimenting with multidimensionality, arduous research and publishing the results.


IIPC – International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology

After the publication of the book Projections of the Consciousness (1981) and the aforementioned treatise Projectiology: A Panorama of Experiences of the Consciousness outside the Human Body (1986), the group of researchers on the projection of consciousness, led by Waldo Vieira, gained many collaborators. Thus, there was a need for greater organization and institutionalization of activities. In response to this need, the IIPC – International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology was founded in 1988 by Professor Waldo Vieira and other researchers. After 33 years of existence, IIPC has already held thousands of assistance events, seeking to promote the most current findings in Conscientiology and Projectiology.

The workforce at IIPC is volunteer-based. It is non-profit and independent of governments, companies and other institutions. Freedom, interassistance, scientificity, multidimensional self-awareness and conscientious autonomy are its institutional values, and its main objective is to access, welcome, clarify and cooperate with the evolution of intermissivists and pre-intermissivists

Professor Waldo Vieira passed away in 2015, at the age of 83, victim of a stroke. In his last years of life, living in Foz do Iguaçu/PR and working from the Center for Higher Studies of Conscientiology (CEAEC), in the Cognópolis neighborhood (knowledge neighborhood), he dedicated himself to consolidating the Encyclopedia of Conscientiology, a literary work extensive, with more than 700 authors (base year 2021), with 2019 entries written by him.

The intermissive paraidentity, or extra identity, of professor and researcher Waldo Vieira is Zéfiro, that is, this is the name by which he is known in the extraphysical; the epithet that identifies him in extraphysical dimensions since Antiquity. We, IIPC volunteers, are immensely grateful to Professor Waldo Vieira for all the contributions dedicated to the foundation and implementation of the sciences Projectiology and Conscientiology.


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The Principle of Disbelief

The principle of disbelief, developed by Waldo Vieira, is provocative and reflects the professor’s view of conscientiological research.

“Don’t believe anything, not even what you read in this text. TRY IT. Have your personal experiences.”

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