What is the IIPC

International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology – IIPC

The International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology (IIPC) is a pacifist, secular, universalist, non-profit, non-doctrinal, independent institution of Scientific Education and Research, which stands out for its excellence in technical-scientific courses and publications on the sciences of Projectiology and Conscientiology.

Founded over three decades ago, in 1988, the IIPC serves society in the educational, business and health areas, through an administrative, teaching, and research structure, in a technical-scientific volunteer system. It has researchers working in several self-research educational centers located in the main Brazilian cities and in a representation abroad (Buenos Aires – AR).


The science that studies the Out-of-Body Experience and how to use this phenomenon as a tool for self-research and personal evolution. Projectiology science also investigates other projectiological phenomena, such as: bilocation, clairvoyance, near-death experience (NDE), intuition, precognition, retrocognition, telepathy, among others. The term Projectiology comes from the Latin, projectio, projection and from the Greek, logos, treatise. Projectiology is a subfield or specialty of the Conscientiology science.


The science that researches consciousness, ego or personality in an integral way. It was proposed in Brazil by the physician and researcher Waldo Vieira, and has been gaining international space, proposing a new paradigm for the consciousness to research itself.

In projectiological and conscientiological research, consciousness is studied through the consciential paradigm, allowing it to act, at the same time, as a researcher, experimenter and object of research. Other bodies of manifestation are considered, in addition to the biological body, acting in physical and extraphysical dimensions, the history of past lives and bioenergetic interactions with beings and environments.

The research and activities offered – free lectures, research seminars, courses, publications, congresses and workshops – aim to expand and improve the understanding of human nature and the development of parapsychic abilities through the scientific investigation of the consciousness` manifestations, the out-of-body experience (OBE), the near-death experience (NDE) and other projectiological phenomena.

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