Consciousness Projection or Astral Projection? What Is Out-of-Body Experience?

Discover the science of the out-of-body experience: Projectiology.

Have you ever seen yourself outside your body? Have you ever had lucid dreams, those dreams with the sensation of falling down or flying? Very real dreams where your senses and even your lucidity were much more exacerbated? Do you admit the possibility that these experiences happened outside your physical body? You may have gone through an Astral Projection, the phenomenon of consciousness coming out of the physical body.

Astral Projection is a popular name for this phenomenon in which some people perceive themselves outside their body, experiencing the reality around them, and even being able to visualize their sleeping physical body. This phenomenon is also known as out-of-body experience, unfolding, astral travel.

The technical term used at IIPC (International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology) is Projection of Consciousness.

Evidence of astral projection or out-of-body experience

All of us, human beings, dream every night and most people usually remember parts of these experiences. In the same way, it is assumed that everyone also goes through out-of-body experiences during sleep, even though we have no memories of it.

Projective reports exist since ancient times, in different cultures and lines of knowledge, and today a simple search on for the terms astral projection, astral travel, out-of-body experience, is enough to find projective reports all over the planet, experienced by people of any age, gender or race.

There are several projective reports describing supposed experiences in extraphysical dimensions far from the physical place where the projected person\’s sleeping body was.

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 Out of body experience book by Waldo Vieira


Projectiology – The Science that Studies the Out-of-Body Experience

The phenomenon of the projection of consciousness is studied by the Science Projectiology, a Conscientiology subfield. This science was proposed by the physician and researcher Waldo Vieira and has been the main theme of the IIPC study for more than 3 decades, due to the importance of the projective phenomenon for personal evolution and understanding of the multidimensional reality.


Do we continue to exist without the physical body? If we can continue to observe the physical world, why can\’t we be perceived physically while projected? So, where are we? What is our relationship with the consciousnesses we find in the extraphysical (environment found outside the body)? Why are emotions more exacerbated when we are in this condition?

Objective Body Hypothesis

Projectiology states that consciousness has a second body, which is not physical. This second body has received several names over time: etheric double, astral body, emotional body or, in the Projectiology technical classification, Psychosoma.


While projected, manifesting ourselves through the Psychosoma, we realize that we are not our physical body. Self-research can help us to realize that, in addition to the Soma (physical body) and the Psychosoma, we have other vehicles of manifestation. The projection is, therefore, a discoincidence of the vehicles, that is, the disengagement of this set of bodies which is called holosoma. The holosoma has four elements:

The projection of consciousness or astral projection occurs when there is a discoincidence of the psychosoma out of the physical body.

Benefits of lucid projection or astral projection

There are several uses for the study and practice of lucid projection.

Fear of Death: Upon leaving the body, many projectors report the de-dramatization of the fear of death, when they realize that they are still conscious outside the intraphysical dimension (physical plane) and prove the existence of the extraphysical dimension (or spiritual plane). The simple act of observing our own body while we are outside of it – a phenomenon known as consciential self-bilocation – can lead us to many considerations regarding human existence, such as the idea that the condition of existing outside the body is, in fact, the permanent condition, while the condition of living in a physical body is temporary. People who have had near-death experiences, where they are projected accidentally, usually return to intraphysical life with a more optimistic understanding of death.

Serenity: the condition of experiencing a state of existence where you don´t need the physical body can bring serenity in relation to physical life, as it gives meaning to the learning and evolutionary condition acquired on earth, leading to the understanding that every physical experience will not be wasted after physical death.

Evolutionary Tool: get out of yourself, of your own body, is a way to carry out self-research and qualify your personal evolution. Through self-scientificity, the projector undergoes these experiences as a way to acquire more information about him/herself and the world.

“Achievement of a state of supernormal health, because it deepens relaxation, eliminates tension, increases and focuses concentration, enhances memory, improves reflexes, increases self-confidence, and intensifies the desire to live productively.”

Viera – Projectiology – Page 848.

Consciential openness: projectability allows contact with other beings and can promote retrocognitions – memories of past lives at different times, as personalities of other races and genders. With this, the researcher can recall the origin of traumas that may still be harming the current existence or even remember evolutionary talents that he/she is still unaware of. With more experience, the researcher is increasingly acquiring the possibility of having a better understanding of him/herself.


Projectiology – A Panorama of Experiences of the Consciousness Outside the Human Body

In the treatise Projectiology, the physician and researcher Waldo Vieira makes a detailed analysis of the phenomenon of Conscious Projection, its correlated phenomena and multidimensional reality.

The work is the result of more than 3 decades of research, it has an extensive bibliography on the phenomenon, with 1,907 sources of bibliographical references.

The book makes a systematic study of a variety of parapsychic phenomena, as well as the study of bioenergies and chakras, besides the explanation of 37 techniques to produce the out-of-body experience and control and use the extraphysical body. Utilities and benefits of the out-of-body experience. Control and use of the extraphysical or astral body (psychosoma). Performance of assistance work through lucid projection.


Some topics covered:

  • Phenomena of projectiology
  • Altered states of consciousness
  • Vehicles of manifestation of the consciousness
  • Pre-projection physical waking state
  • Lucid projection techniques
  • Exteriorization of the consciousness stage
  • Personal uses of lucid projection
  • Extraphysical period of consciousness
  • Relationships of the projected consciousness
  • Interiorization of the consciousness stage
  • Post-projection physical waking state

Out-of-body Ebook for free download:

Projectiology – A Panorama of Experiences of the Consciousness Outside the Human Body

Know all about the phenomenon of the out-of-body experience, 37 astral projection techniques, bioenergies – the key to out-of-body experiences, multidimensionality, vehicles used to leave the body. 3 decades of research that generated more than a thousand pages in this book that comprehensively addresses the experience outside the body.





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