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Out-of-body Experience Ebook

Projection of the consciousness, out-of-body experience, also known as Astral projection, is the phenomenon in which the person sees himself/herself out of the body, lucidly, and can act in the extraphysical dimension, even bringing information from other places far from where the physical body is found. Books, ebooks and pdfs on astral projection are one of the best ways to go deeper into the subject. Unlike videos, which many are just reports made in the enthusiasm of early experiences and without much depth on the subject, the books are generally written by people who have studied the subject well and some have developed an out-of-body experience for decades. The technical term used in the IIPC is Projection of the Consciousness. Our books and educational activities excel in scientific language. Thus, the term we call the out-of-body experience is Projection of Consciousness.

Out-of-body Experience Ebook – How to read

When we wish to have our first out-of-body experiences, we aim for contact with another dimension, where the way things work does not follow the laws of physics and where we use bodies that work differently than the physical body. So, the more information we get about the extraphysical mechanisms, the more we will be able to act and take advantage of all this in an evolutionary way. Technical books: they are focused on how we can produce the projection of the consciousness – projective techniques, how the other dimensions work, how the paraphysiology of the consciousness works. With these books we learn how to “drive” the vehicles of the consciousness on the extraphysical planes. Projective reports – there are many books about the experiences of projectors, people who dedicate themselves to the practice of the projection of the consciousness, astral projection. They help show the possibilities that we have in the extraphysical dimension, increasing the creativity of those who wish to have these experiences to find better results in their projective practices.

Mental saturation with the intention of getting out of the physical body

The continuous study of projectiology leads the student to saturate his/her mind with the idea of having this experience and it helps deeply for this intent to happen. Having a routine of applying energetic and projective techniques is the best way to achieve projective development. The application of projective techniques together with readings on the subject, carried out a few times a week, can give great results when trying to get out of the body. A projective report book can be read calmly, reading a projective report, before applying a projective technique, strengthens the psychophysiological conditioning, favouring the occurrence of the experience. Some people who have those experiences report having some projective experiences while reading a single book, in a kind of theoretical-practical projective learning.

IIPC Recommends a Conscious Projection Ebook

The International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology – IIPC, an institution that has studied the out-of-body experience since 1988, recommends the following ebook on the subject:

Projectiology – A Panorama of Experiences of the Consciousness Outside the Human Body

Projeciologia - Panorama das experiências fora do corpoProjeciologia - Panorama das experiências fora do corpo

– Waldo Vieira

In the treatise Projectiology, the physician and researcher Waldo Vieira makes a detailed analysis of the phenomenon of Conscious Projection, its correlated phenomena and multidimensional reality. The work is the result of more than 3 decades of research, it has an extensive bibliography on the phenomenon, with 1,907 sources of bibliographical references. The book makes a systematic study of a variety of parapsychic phenomena, as well as the study of bioenergies and chakras, besides the explanation of 33 techniques to produce the out-of-body experience and control and use the extraphysical body. Utilities and benefits of the out-of-body experience. Control and use of the extraphysical or astral body (psychosoma). Performance of assistance work through lucid projection. Some topics covered:
  • Phenomena of projectiology
  • Altered states of consciousness
  • Vehicles of manifestation of the consciousness
  • Pre-projection physical waking state
  • Lucid projection techniques
  • Exteriorization of the consciousness stage
  • Personal uses of lucid projection
  • Extraphysical period of consciousness
  • Relationships of the projected consciousness
  • Interiorization of the consciousness stage
  • Post-projection physical waking state

Out-of-body Ebook for free download.

Know all about the phenomenon of the out-of-body experience, 37 astral projection techniques, bioenergies - the key to out-of-body experiences, multidimensionality, vehicles used to leave the body. 3 decades of research that generated more than a thousand pages in this book that comprehensively addresses the experience outside the body.





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