You are not your physical body

You are much more than that. 

You are a consciousness, on an evolutionary journey, using various vehicles, physical and non-physical, to manifest.

You may have already researched these out-of-body experiences and found different popular and mystical approaches and nomenclatures, such as Unfolding, Astral Travel, Astral Projection or Out-of-body Experience.

At IIPC, we approach Consciousness Projection scientifically, considering it a natural phenomenon, common to all consciousnesses (people in general, you and me) being studied in a rational and practical way, removing wonder, dogmas or fantasies from the analysis and experimentation of the phenomenon .





Principle of Disbelief

What is Projectiology?

Briefly, Projectiology is the science that studies the phenomenon of the exit of consciousness (ego, self , soul) outside the physical body, the Projection of Consciousness.

Projectiology encompasses all stages of the phenomenon, from pre-projective perceptions, the take-off of the psychosoma (emotional body), the extra-physical environment (dimensions beyond physical matter), to the return (coincidence of the vehicles of manifestation of consciousness) and the post-projective sensations.

All of this seen from a scientific perspective, of experiments, proofs and refutations.

Parapsychic Phenomena

Parapsychic phenomena, popularly known as paranormal phenomena, are occurrences that transcend the five senses of the body and the laws of physics.

They can be studied objectively by lucid consciousness through the development of multidimensional consciential attributes (examples: bioenergetic self-mastery, parapsychic signaling).

Examples of parapsychic phenomena are: clairvoyance, clairaudience, precognition (premonition), retrocognition (access to information or past experiences).


For us, there are only two realities, consciousness and energy. Everything that is not consciousness is energy.

Consciousness uses energy to manifest itself. Even your physical body is made of energy. Energetic mastery is a key aspect for a lucid out-of-body experience and a healthier multidimensional life. That is why your study is so relevant.

Bioenergies are present in all forms of life, from animate, or living beings, to inanimate.


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